Hunter & Timmins from Boulcotts Farm win 2016 Autumn Foursomes at Martinborough


Thursday 24 March 2016

2016 New Zealand Women’s Autumn Foursomes @ Martinborough Golf Club

Final Results 

150 years between them, and unbeaten over six rounds of foursomes match play, Janet Hunter and Jill Timmins (Boulcott Farm GC) have claimed the 2016 New Zealand Women’s Autumn Foursomes Championship. 

In taking out the 80th title, Hunter and Timmins won their final this afternoon, 3 and 1 over the formidable Waikato pair, Ro Thomas and Liz Purcell (Hamilton GC).  Earlier in the day they had beaten Vicki Puia Clark and Deb Small (Pongoroa) in the semi- finals 3 and 2.   

Thomas and Purcell had won their semi-final, 2 and 1 over Otaki members Penny Bertelsen and Nancy Andrews. 

The 80th championship was held at the Martinborough Golf Club, which presented a very dry hard course, but with soft greens.  Todays playing conditions gave all players the toughest challenge, out of the three days play, with rainsqualls and high winds affecting all morning matches. 

Luckily, the worst of the storm that was affecting much of the rest of the country, skirted around the nearby ranges after midday.  All players that made it into the afternoon finals experienced some of the most benign conditions of the tournament, in comparison to the morning’s weather challenges. 

On the other side of the 64 pair draw, Carole Butland and Yuriko Manabe (Shandon) did battle with another Waikato pair, Di Boot and Kay Meade (Hamilton).  All 18 holes were needed for Boot and Meade to claim the 2016 NZLGU Salver, 1 up. 

Semi finalists that were beaten by Butland, Manabe, Boot and Meade included Sylvia Beavis and Gretel Dick, the local clubs best placed pair, and Debbie Henrickson and Lindy Wheeler (Pongoroa). 

Featuring in the extensive prize list were four out of the five Pongaroa members that entered into the tournament, representing 60% of the women’s membership at this small Hawkes Bay club.  

Another small club represented at the tournament, was Onga Onga, also part of the Hawkes Bay Golf Association.  With a very small membership count, that relies totally on volunteer help to sustain its existence, Onga Onga had winners in the prize list as well – Debra Ruwhiu and Myra Jane White winning the 2nd flight in the Autumn Foursomes Cup. 

Other Foursomes Cup flight winners were Barbara Burnett & Judy Simpson (Shandon), Shirley Hay (Wainuomata) & Karen Musson (Manor Park), Peg Purdie and Wendy Thompson from Waitomo, along with Lynn Pedersen & Debbie Taylor (Wairakei).  The final two flight winners on the main side of the draw included Heather Sharp & Karo Preston (Walton) and Sally Dryland paired with Lisa Cotton (Pahiatua). 

NZLGU Salver flight winners included Francie Duffy & Lynne Sutherland (Eketahuna), Diana Donald & Jenny Wilkie (Martinborough), Julie Kidd (Whangamata) & Roselee Thurston (Riversdale Beach) and Deb Archer with Angela Pivac (Manawatu). 

The venue for the 2017 NZ Women’s Autumn Foursomes Cup was announced as Harewood in Christchurch.  Entry forms and more details will be available shortly.  

For more details contact

Denise Langdon

NZ Golf Director

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Thursday 24 March 2016

2016 New Zealand Women’s Autumn Foursomes @ Martinborough Golf Club

Semi Final Results NZ Autumn Foursomes Cup

Janet Hunter (Boulcotts) & Jill Timmins (Boulcotts) bt Vicky Puia Clark (Pongoroa) & Debbie Small (Pongoroa)3/2; Nancy Andrews (Otaki) & Penny Bertelsen (Otaki) lost Liz Purcell (Hamilton) & R Thomas (Hamilton) 2/1 

1.15pm Final NZ Golf Autumn Foursomes Cup: Janet Hunter (Boulcotts) & Jill Timmins (Boulcotts) vs Liz Purcell (Hamilton) & R Thomas (Hamilton) 

Semi Final Results NZLGU Salver

Diane Boot (Hamilton) & Kay Meade (Hamilton) bt Sylvia Beavis (Martinborough) & Gretel Dick (Martinborough) 5/3; Carole Butland (Shandon) & Yurieko Manabe (Shandon) bt Debbie Henrickson (Pongoroa) & Lindy Wheeler (Pongoroa) 1up 

12.59pm Final NZLGU Salver: Diane Boot (Hamilton) & Kay Meade (Hamilton) vs Carole Butland (Shandon) & Yurieko Manabe (Shandon) 


Wednesday 23 March 2016 

2016 New Zealand Women’s Autumn Foursomes @ Martinborough GC 

Round 4 NZ Golf Autumn Foursomes Cup Results 

Janet Hunter (Boulcotts) & Jill Timmins (Boulcotts) bt Heather Houston (Waihi) & Sandra Payne (Howick) 6/5; Vicky Puia Clark (Pongoroa) & Debbie Small (Pongoroa) bt Marlene Judd (Manawatu) & Pam Lamberton (Manawatu) 3/2; Nancy Andrews (Otaki) & Penny Bertelsen (Otaki) bt Peg Purdie (Waitomo) & Wendy Thompson (Waitomo) 3/2; Liz Purcell (Hamilton) & R Thomas (Hamilton) bt Sherry Weatherstone (Martinborough) & Jan Williams (Masterton) 19th


9.10am: Janet Hunter (Boulcotts) & Jill Timmins (Boulcotts) vs Vicky Puia Clark (Pongoroa) & Debbie Small (Pongoroa) 

9.17am Nancy Andrews (Otaki) & Penny Bertelsen (Otaki) vs Liz Purcell (Hamilton) & R Thomas (Hamilton)  

NZLGU Salver Quarter Final Results 

Diane Boot (Hamilton) & Kay Meade (Hamilton) bt Nola Hydes (Methven) & Lyn Schott (Methven) 1up; Te Waimiere Morrison (Rotorua) & Donna White (Rotorua) lost Sylvia Beavis (Martinborough) & Gretel Dick (Martinborough) 4/3; Christine Drysdale (Feilding) & Janice Duffy (Eketahuna) lost Carole Butland (Shandon) & Yurieko Manabe (Shandon) 2/1; Julie Kidd (Whangamata) & Roselee Thurston (Riversdale Beach) lost Debbie Henrickson (Pongoroa) & Lindy Wheeler (Pongoroa) 3/2  


8.56am: Diane Boot (Hamilton) & Kay Meade (Hamilton) vs Sylvia Beavis (Martinborough) & Gretel Dick (Martinborough) 

9.03am: Carole Butland (Shandon) & Yurieko Manabe (Shandon) vs Debbie Henrickson (Pongoroa) & Lindy Wheeler (Pongoroa)


Tuesday 22 March 2016 Results Round 1 & 2

2016 New Zealand Women’s Autumn Foursomes @ Martinborough Golf Club.   

Through to round 3 in the 2016 New Zealand Women’s Autumn Foursomes are locals Juliana Allen and Jaclyn Kraus, who had a bye this morning, and then a win this afternoon 5 and 4 over Shirley Hay (Wainuomata) and Karen Musson.  

Allen and Kraus will now met Boulcotts Farm members Janet Hunter and Jill Timmins in round 3.  Hunter and Timmins bet Francie Duffy and Lynne Sutherland (Eketahuna) 6 and 4 in their first round, and a further win 5 and 3 over Diane Chaney (Harewood) and Sue Hanrahan (Pakuranga).  

Heather Houston (Waihi) and Sandra Payne (Howick) with a bye this morning, then went on to win against Pam Griffith and Sereana Phillips (Masterton) 2 and 1 this afternoon.  

Their next opponents will be Pam Bisset and Colleen Daysh (Pahiatua) who also had an afternoon win 1up against Shandon’s Barbara Burnett and Judy Simpson after a morning win 2up against Pat Crengle and Andrea Mark (Paraparaumu).  

Vicky Puia Clark and Debbie Small (Pongaroa) had two wins today; 3 and 2 against Te Waimiere Morisson and Donne White (Rotorua) followed by a win against Lesley Otway (Hamilton) and Heather Richardson (Waikare) by the same margin.  

Debbie Ring and Dianne Sweeney (Walton) will be the next opponents for Clark and Small.  Ring and Sweeney took 19 holes to knock out local favourites Kris Chamberlain and Mariana McDermott, in their first match, and then took on another local pair successfully winning 2up against Sally Fairbrother (Featherston) and Sandra Petersen (Martinborough).  

Manawatu members Marlene Judd and Pam Lamberton won 4 and 3 against Sylvia Beavis and Gretel Dick (Martinborough) and then 5 and 4 against Masterton opponents Linda Cameron and Edith Clarkson.  

Heather Gifkins and Pam Johnston (Waitomo) won convincingly 7 and 6 against Lisa Cotton and Sally Dryland (Pahiatua) this afternoon after a morning bye.  They will meet Judd and Lamberton in tomorrows first round.  

Nancy Andrews and Penny Bertelsen (Otaki) are through to the next round after a morning bye and then a win 3 and 1 against Kathy Lyall and Colleen Rowe (Hamilton).  

Andrews and Bertelsen will now meet Methven members Gayle O’Duffy and Jenny Senior.  O’Duffy and Senior won 5 and 3, and then on the 20th in matches against Mary Desbonnets and Bindy McLeod (Martinborough) and Diane Jellyman and Jill Wallace (North Otago), respectively.   

Peg Purdie and Wendy Thompson (Waitomo) after a morning bye then got their money’s worth, needing 19 holes to edge out Sue Ross (Pahiatua) and Jane Williams (Masterton).    

Their next round opponents will be Onga Onga members Debra Ruwhiu and Myra Jane White who took out Carole Butland and Yurieko Manabe (Shandon) 2 and 1 in their first round.  Round two secured their advancement with a battle to the 20th against Carol Mahon and Judy Osborne (Walton).  

Liz Purcell and Ro Thomas (Hamilton) also took 20 holes to secure their place in the next round of the NZ Golf Autumn Foursomes Cup’s main draw beating Margaret Brislane and Paula McCool (Pahiatua) in their afternoon round.  Their first round win was a much easier affair, 8 and 7 over locals Diana Donald and Jenny Wilkie.  

Purcell and Thomas will now face off against regular Autumn Foursomes competitors, Sue Cook and Verna Scott (Warkworth).  Cook and Scott had two convincing wins today, 4 and 2 against Julie Kidd (Whangamata) and Roselee Thurston (Masterton) and then 5 and 4 against Wellington representatives Fiona McBride and Kay Wall (Otaki).  

The bottom of the 64 pair main draw is rounded out with Sherry Weatherstone (Martinborough's President) and fellow host member Jan Williams winning 3 and 1 over Alison McGregor (Judgeford) and Joan Smith (Eketahuna), after a morning bye.  

Weatherstone and Williams will meet Karo Preston and Heather Sharp (Walton) who bet Lynn Pedersen and Debbie Taylor (Wairakei) in the last match of the day, 5 and 4.  

For more information contact 

Denise Langdon 

NZ Golf Tournament Director 

Phone 0275 662 385