2018 NZ Womens Masters


2018 New Zealand Women’s Masters

Inglewood 6-8 April 

Day 2 Report – A Day Of Contrasts

Players experienced a day of contrasts with weather and results, however the ‘Moo-Loos’ are hanging on!  The ‘mighty’ Waikato team will go onto tomorrow’s final with a 5-shot lead over defending champions, Northland. 

Captain of the Waikato team, Jill Morgan has been consistent with a contribution today of 64 points, with two rounds of 32 gross stableford points.  However, it was a different story for the veteran Waikato cap, Robyn Pellow who returned a non-counting card this afternoon, of 21 points, in contrast to her morning round of 29.  Julie Gee had rounds of 26 and 24, Pam Wright 29 and 28, and the team now sit with a total of 266 points. 

Leading individual overall remains Northland’s Kylie Jacoby with 97 points. Her rounds today of 31 and 32 have held Northland’s overnight second place position, with a total of 216 points.   Alayna Cox had a good day but again changing fortunes during the day for team members Jo Taylor, swinging from a morning round of 19 to an afternoon round of 25.  In contrast, the fourth Northland player, Jenny Peters started with 28 this morning but then brought in 25 points this afternoon, unexpectantly, in the much better part of the day. 

Auckland will still rate their chances who finished the day with 257 points.  Again, a surprise score from number 1, Sian Kelly with a non-counting score of 24 in her morning round.  Kelly put on 27 points this afternoon to add to Brigit Holford’s, 32 and Linda Creedy’s, 28, a solid afternoon for Auckland with 87 points.  Newcomer to the team, Allison Drake-Wells card counted this morning, with 27 points, but she slipped 2 points in her afternoon round, to be the non-counting player. 

Rounding out the top four teams is Bay of Plenty who rallied having started the day in 6th equal position.  Another newcomer, Diane Syer who has played most of her golf in Australia, been the most consistent sitting with a personal tally of 95 points.  Shelley McElory again a solid anchor for the team, Bay of Plenty sit only one shot back with 256 points.  The past 5-time winners fielded two newcomers this year, with Debbie Noble selected, with the fourth player, Pip Lawson playing in her 5th Masters.  

Surprise movers in the morning round were the typically strong Southland team who fell from 2nd place overnight to 8th position after the morning round.  It ended up being a massive day of contrast for this fiercely competitive team who steamed back this afternoon to finish in 6th equal place.   The most notable inconsistences being the two ‘Robyn’s’ who typically are at the top of the leader board, year after year.  Robyn Boniface went from 27 to 32 this afternoon with Robyn Pullar having a morning to forget with 22 points but then, the best round of the afternoon with 33, a 11-shot swing!  

North Harbour sit in 5th place on 255 points, and are on target to improve on their 2017 9th placing.  Aorangi finished in 2017 in a share of 4th and sit in 6th place with 252 points.  The two biggest contributors in the Harbour team being Vaha Fapiano and Pam Sowden, with Catherine Knight and Ginny Bolderston being the best for Aorangi. 

Home favourite’s Taranaki had a great morning, despite the harsh winds and rain, with Joanne McDonald having a 32 this morning.  McDonald was seeded in 3rd place for the ‘Naki’ but is the top scorer with a personal tally of 87.  Taranaki have won the Masters only once, 11 years ago in Kerikeri.  They sit with Southland on 215 points, and will need a 15 shot swing to get their hands on the Russell Grace Trophy again. 

Rd 3 Results

  • 266         Waikato, 92, 90, 84
  • 261         Northland, 90, 85, 86
  • 257         Auckland, 88, 82, 87
  • 256         Bay of Plenty, 86, 90,80
  • 255         North Harbour, 90, 83, 82
  • 252         Aorangi, 86, 82, 84
  • 251         Southland, 91, 72, 88: Taranaki, 86, 86, 79
  • 247         Manawatu / Wanganui, 85, 81, 81
  • 236         Canterbury, 80, 81, 75,  Hawkes Bay, 83, 79, 74
  • 232         Wellington, 81, 75, 76
  • 229         Otago, 79, 72, 78
  • 218         Tasman, 76, 70, 72

For more Information please contact

Denise Langdon

NZ Golf Tournament Director

Phone 0275 662 385



  • 182         Waikato 92, 90
  • 176         Bay of Plenty 86, 90
  • 175         Northland 90, 85
  • 173         North Harbour 90, 83
  • 172         Taranaki 86, 86
  • 170         Auckland 88, 82
  • 168         Aorangi 86, 82
  • 166         Manawatu / Wanganui 85, 81
  • 163         Southland 91, 72
  • 162         Hawkes Bay 83, 79
  • 161         Canterbury 80, 81
  • 156         Wellington 81, 75
  • 151         Otago 79, 72
  • 146         Tasman 76, 70


90           Waikato; J Morgan 32, R Pellow 29, J Gee 26 (n/c), P Wright 29: Bay of Plenty; D Syer 32, S McElroy 31, D Noble 25 (n/c), P Lawson 27

86           Taranaki; S Garner 24 (n/c), D McCallum 27, J McDonald 32, K Lucas 27

85           Northland; K Jacoby 31, A Cox 26, J Taylor 19 (n/c), J Peters 28

83           North Harbour; V Fapiano 30, P Sowden 28, L Tate 23 (n/c), F Reynolds 25

82           Aorangi; C Knight 32, G Bolderston 28, S Bradford 21 (n/c), P Bell 22: Auckland; S Kelly 24 (n/c), B Holford 27, L Creedy 28, A Drake-Wells 27

81           Canterbury; K Turner 28, J Kent 26, C Kemp 27, V Faass 21 (n/c): Manawatu Wanganui; L Herbert 32, V Walker 28, C Scott 21, K Wehipeihana 18 (n/c)

79           Hawkes Bay; J Field 26, F Ellis 26, K Olsen 27, L Roberts 24 (n/c)

75           Wellington; K Orchard 29, F McBride 21 (n/c), K Wall 22, C Hawe 24

72           Otago; L McRae 25, J Booker 22 (n/c), R Calder 22, T Storer 25: Southland; R Boniface 27, R Pullar 22, H Baird 20 (n/c), F Murray 23

70           Tasman; T Bary 21, D Mitchell 17 (n/c), N Reed 23, M Reardon 26

PRESS RELEASE Rd 1 Results & Report

2018 New Zealand Women’s Masters

Inglewood 6-8 April

Waikato have started their campaign for a 3rd win in the New Zealand Golf Women’s Masters, leading the 14 districts after day one at the Inglewood Golf Club.

Photo – Waikato from back left Sian Stevenson (reserve), Julie Gee, Pam Wright; front left Jill Morgan, Robyn Pellow 

Solid rounds by Jill Morgan and Robyn Pellow both contributing 31 gross stableford points set the pace, with Julie Gee putting in a 30, to give the team a total of 92.  The best three gross stableford points from the teams of four, contribute round by round.  In this round, Pam Wright with 28 points, was the non-counting player for the ‘Moo-loos’. 

Lurking only one shot behind is the strong Southland team, led again by Robyn Boniface.  Southland dominated this tournament between 2008 and 2015 with six wins amassed over the 7-year stretch.  Boniface contributed 33 points, with Robyn Pullar 28, and Helen Baird 30.  Non-counting was Fiona Murray, with 22 points. 

A revitalised North Harbour team sit in 3rd equal place with defending champions Northland.  Harbour have added the talented Pam Sowden to their team. Sowden returned to amateur status after a stint on the European tour, after earlier playing number one for the inaugural North Harbour team, who won the interprovincial title at Titirangi in 1995. The same year she was in the New Zealand team who beat Australia in the Tasman Cup.  

Both Sowden and Harbour’s No 1, Vaha Fapiano had 31 points each.  Fapiano has shown consistency year after year representing Harbour, with this mornings effort particularly notable as she battled on with a nasty stomach virus.  Lynda Tate contributed 28 points, with Fleur Reynolds the non-counting player, with 22. 

Best round of the day belonged to Northland’s Kylie Jacoby, with 34 points.  Jacoby is the current holder of the Canterbury Shield, awarded as the leading individual in the 2017 Masters. Northland wrote the history books last year in Ngaruawahia when they took the coveted Russell Grace Trophy and the 2017 crown, for the first time in the tournaments 26 year history. 

Northland team members Alayna Cox and Jenny Peters both contributed 28 points in today’s opening round with Jo Taylor the non-counting player, 25 points. 

The 2018 tournament is the second time that Taranaki  have hosted the Women’s Masters.  Kaitake hosted the 2004 championship which Auckland won.  This year the Inglewood Golf Club received the hosting rights. 

A small club, 20 minutes outside of New Plymouth, like many Taranaki clubs, views of Mt Taranaki dwarf the course.  The course has been lengthened slightly for this year’s tournament with players extended on the par 3, 5th, the par 4, 9th and the par 3, 17th.  Despite this lengthening the course is still a ‘short’ course measuring only 4423 metres, with a slope of 111 and a NZCR rating of 67.6.  It presents an unusual challenge with six par 3’s measuring from 103 to 176 metres.   There are only two par 5’s however, tight off many tees, only one hole does not have some water hazard or feature to test the players resolve. 

Teams that will be wanting to gain some ground tomorrow include Auckland on 88 points chasing their 5th win, Aorangi, also led by a past professional, Catherine Knight, and the Bay of Plenty who, although have won the tournament 5-times, have not done so since 2003.   Aorangi, Bay of Plenty and Taranaki, all sit on 86 points, only 6 points shy of Waikato.  

There is however much golf to go with the 56 Masters players facing 36 holes tomorrow, juggling their way into contention before Sunday’s final.

For more Information contact

Denise Langdon

NZ Golf Tournament Director

Phone 0275 662 385



1              92 WAIKATO; J Morgan 31, R Pellow 31, J Gee 30, P Wright 28 (n/c)

2              91 SOUTHLAND; R Boniface 33, R Pullar 28, H Baird 30, F Murray 22 (n/c)

3=           90 NORTH HARBOUR; V Fapiano 31, P Sowden 31, L Tate 28, F Reynolds 22 (n/c): NORTHLAND; K Jacoby 34, A Cox 28, J Taylor 25 (n/c), J Peters 28

5              88 AUCKLAND; S Kelly 32, B Holford 27 (n/c), L Creedy 28, A Drake-Wells 28

6=           86 AORANGI; C Knight 29, G Bolderston 30, S Bradford 27, P Bell 23 (n/c): BAY OF PLENTY; D Syer 32, S McElroy 28, D Noble 26, P Lawson 24 (n/c): TARANAKI; S Garner 28, D McCallum 30, J McDonald 28, K Lucas 23 (n/c)

9              85 MANAWATU WANGANUI; L Herbert 31, V Walker 25, C Scott 21 (n/c), K Wehipeihana 29

10=         83 HAWKES BAY / POVERTY BAY; J Field 30, F Ellis 25, K Olsen 28, L Roberts 24 (n/c)

               : WELLINGTON; K Orchard 23 (n/c), F McBride 29, K Wall 25, C Hawe 27

12           80 CANTERBURY; K Turner 29, J Kent 25 (n/c), C Kemp 25, V Faass 26

13           79 OTAGO; L McRae 26, J Booker 29, R Calder 24, T Storer 20 (n/c)

14           76 TASMAN; T Bary 29, D Mitchell 22 (n/c), N Reed 23, M Reardon 24