2020 NZ Women's Seniors Championship

NZ Women’s Senior Championships
Taupo Golf Club
Tuesday 19 February

Quarter Finalists Found

Day one of the 2020 New Zealand Senior Women’s Championships completed and already a ‘Trans-Tasman’ Rivalry exists. 

In the first match out in the 16 player match play draw, Jacqui Morgan, (Monash, Australia) beat her fellow ‘countryman’, Carmen Palframan (Lake Karrinyup, Australia), 2 and 1. 

Morgan, the captain of the Australian Trans-Tasman Senior Women’s team due to compete this weekend, turned two down after 9 holes with a bogey and double bogey on the 8th and 9th respectively. The match had been all square till that point.

The tide turned dramatically when Palframan had two bogies in a row on the 10th and 11th, where Morgan made par and birdie respectively.  Morgan effectively closed out the match on the 13th and 14th with two more wins, from which Palframan could not recover.

Morgan will now face another ‘countryman’ Helen Pascoe (Buninyong, Australia) who had had a tougher battle against Waikato’s Robyn Pellow. 

Pellow and Pascoe had faced each other on two previous occasions, each with a win a piece. 

Today was to be Pascoe’s 2nd win after a battle that she started with a birdie and closed with a birdie. 

The match had earlier see-sawed with the Trans-Tasman rivals turning all square.  However three holes won by Pascoe on the 11th, 13th, and 15th to Pellow’s wins on the 10th, and 16th gave the Aussie the edge with a final hole to play. The birdie on the par 3, 18th, sealed the deal.

Predictably the third match out was won by Southland’s Robyn Pullar.  Pullar who will again represent New Zealand in this weekend’s Trans-Tasman, is recognised as one of the games tough battlers. 

Pullar matched against the host clubs president, Anna Brabyn, who is no stranger to tough matches or challenges.  Sadly for the locals, Brabyn could not quite match her form of yesterday where she qualified in this prestigious division, outclassed today by Pullar, who won 5 and 4.

Pullar will now take on her New Zealand team-mate, Brigit Holford (Royal Auckland & Grange). 

Holford a long-serving representative for Auckland had a comfortable win today, 6 and 4 against another district representative, Tracy Bary, from Tasman.  Holford’s consistent run of pars on the front nine where Bary was struggling with bogies, continued into the five holes played on the back nine.  Bary was unable to win a hole and lost the match on the 14th.

The bottom half of the 16-player draw saw Robyn Boniface (Queens Park), Sharon Dawson (Lake Karrinyup, Australia), Jill Morgan (Cambridge) and Diana Syer (Wairakei) all advance to take their place in the quarter finals.

Boniface who is a four-time Senior Women’s Champion, had a win, 3 and 2 over Sharon Thompson who plays her golf both in Australia and New Zealand with memberships on both sides of the Tasman.   

Boniface turned 2-up, only losing one hole on the 8th, to Thompson’s birdie. However a couple of pars on the back nine, where Thompson bogeyed, the match was Boniface’s on the 16th, despite an eagle by her Australian opponent on the 13th.

Boniface will match tomorrow against Sharon Dawson, a past New Zealand Senior Women’s Champion.  

Dawson won her match today 5 and 4 against the Bay of Plenty’s Shelley McElroy.  Dawson was in top form with birdies on the 2nd, 3rd and 7th.  Another eagle was recorded on the short par 5, 13th this time to McElroy, but which wasn’t enough to get her ‘out of jail’, Dawson sealing the match on the next hole.

Two Kiwis will contest tomorrow for the final quarter final place.  Jill Morgan (Cambridge) who for some was a surprise omission from the pending Trans-Tasman displayed some great style yesterday with a round of 77, to qualify in 3rd place, further matched with a win today 3 and 2 over Joanne Neep (Arrowtown).   

Although the pair matched shot for shot on the back 9, Morgan had turned 2 up after birdies on the 2nd and 7th.  Neep faltered on the 16th with a bogey, Morgan parred and the match was hers, with two holes remaining.

Diana Syer, a local from nearby Wairakei has been playing a lot of her recent golf on the Taupo Centennial course.   Syer despite a rough start with a ball out of bounds on the 1st off the tee, and a bunker that cost her further on the 2nd, showed some real form on the 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th winning four holes in a row.

Syer’s opponent was the talented New South Wales player, Kim Burke who won the NZ Senior Cup in 2017, and who is no stranger to competing in this tournament.  However with Burke’s defeat today, this means that one Kiwi will at least advance to the finals, with three out of the four quarter final places at the bottom of the draw, are all New Zealand representatives, past or present. 

Championship NZ Veterans Challenge Cup

J Morgan bt C Palframan 2 and 1; H Pascoe bt R Pellow 1up; R Pullar bt A Brabyn 5 and 4; B Holford bt T Bary 6 and 4; R Boniface bt S Thompson 3 and 2; S Dawson bt S McElroy 5 and 4; J Morgan bt J Neep 3 and 2; D Syer bt K Burke 4 and 2

[2] Waipukurau Jubilee Salver

E Newton bt D McCallum 2 and 1; J Wilton-Eadie bt B O’Brien 4 and 3; H Green bt M Reardon 5 and 4; J Kent bt A Muir 1up; S Eastmond bt L Hosking 1up; R Priest vs P Anderson 2up; J McCauley bt C Pritt 2 and 1; P Jeffrey be M Venn 2 and 1

[3] Hawkes Bay Salver

J Hall bt C Courtman 3 and 2; T Sasaki bt J Roberts 3 and 2; L Campbell bt T Hoile WD; G Muir bt M A Salmon 2up; L Bartlett bt C Trickett 2 and 1; H Gifkins bt C Thomson 4 and 2; J Moyle bt P Crengle 4 and 3; J Lloyd bt A McKenzie 3 and 2

[4] Manawatu Wanganui Salver

C Hyndman bt D Mallett 2 and 1; J Gibson bt A Keane 4 and 3; C Fouhy bt R Fowler WD; L Mortleman bt M Hughes 2 and 1; D Cleland bt C Genat 2 and 1; B Bridge bt M Wilson 5 and 4; A Mark bt G Welch 1up; C Mackenzie bt K Yorke 3 and 1

[5] Canterbury Rosebowl

A Newman bt K Heaven 3 and 2; S Speden bt P Woodberry 2up; T Woolcott bt N Mitchell 5 and 3; J Clifton bt Y McCarthy 5 and 3; G Bunn bt R Hale 3 and 2; S Connell bt W Thompson 4 and 2; J Fullerton bt S Lamb 1up; S Pearson bt W Roach 4 and 3

[6] Maunu Trophy

R Taylor bt S Hemi 2 and1; C Chambers bt S Thompson 6 and 5; F Currie bt B Hawkins 2 and 1; P Johnston bt S Lourie 8 and 7; T Yoshifuku bt R Neil 4 and 2; V Philp bt P Collins 2 and 1; B Duncan bt M Nichols 2 and 1; N Simmons bt J Evans

[7] Wanaka Trophy

C Alley bt J Matthews 1up; P Dawson bt P Parfitt 5 and 3; J Davey bt H Richardson 5 and 4; P Purdie bt S Whiting 3 and 2; P Sassella bt L Chambers 19th; N Bertinshaw bt P Craig 1up; C Williams bt M de Bernardo WD; M Symons bt S Rickards 1up

[8] Waihi Trophy

R Aitken bt L Hatcher 4 and 2; E Leary bt E McBride 4 and 3; R Kennard bt A Williams 4 and 3; T Vanengelen bt E Roberston 7 and 6; K Bazeos, M Cleaver, S Allioux, M Hardy – BYES.

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