2020 NZ Women's Seniors Championship - Semi & Quarter Final Results


(pictured) Diana Syer - Wairakei International

NZ Women’s Senior Championships
Taupo Golf Club
Thursday 20 February

Hole by hole in the semi-finals of the 2020 NZ Womens Senior Championships. CLICK HERE 

Final due to tee off at 3.30pm Morgan (Australia) vs Syer (New Zealand)


NZ Women’s Senior Championships
Taupo Golf Club
Wednesday 19 February

Three Kiwis, One Aussie – Game On!

The quarter finals in the 2020 New Zealand Women’s Senior Championships, played today, has narrowed the field to one Australian, Jacqui Morgan (Monash) carrying the torch going into the semi-finals, tomorrow, Thursday 20 February.

Morgan had a solid round today dropping only one shot in the first 9 holes, when matched against her fellow team member, Helen Pascoe (Buninyong, Australia).   Pascoe had a rough start including concessions on the 2nd and the 8th, giving Morgan a 4-shot lead going into the back nine.

Although Morgan lost the 14th with a bogey 5 on the par 4, she eventually took out the match with a comfortable win 4 and 3.

Morgan, the Australian captain of the Trans-Tasman team due to compete this weekend, will now face Brigit Holford in the first of the semi-finals for the NZ Golf Veterans Challenge Cup. 

Due to tee off at 10.04 at Taupo Golf Club, Holford (Royal Auckland & Grange) continued her strong form with a 3 and 2 win over Robyn Pullar (Invercargill). 

Both Holford and Pullar will represent New Zealand this weekend in the Trans-Tasman, but with much to play for this week, Holford is focused on this week’s target, chasing her second win in this prestigious senior women’s tournament.

Crowned the 2014 Champion, Holford turned all square at the turn, and with pars on the 11th and 13th where Pullar faltered, gave her the edge, the match eventually won on the 16th.

Robyn Boniface has been a constant force in this tournament, for 10 years.  Boniface played her first Senior Women’s Championship in 2010 and won.  Boniface, the defending champion, has won four times and has held the Curtis Cup, the Stroke Play Champion, four times also.

Boniface secured her place in the second semi-final after defeating Sharon Dawson (Denmark CC, Australia) 2 and 1.  Boniface was in a strong position after 9 holes, 3-up but with a couple of loose shots, and a resurgent
Dawson, needed to play onto the 17th, to claim the win.

Can Boniface make it two in a row, and take the Cup for the 5th time?  She will need all her guile and skill to play local Diana Syer, in the first instance.

The second semi-final due to tee off at 10.04am will see the in-form Syer, who recently won the 2020 New Zealand Women’s Mid-Amateur, match against Boniface.

Syer, who also has a place in this weekend’s New Zealand Trans-Tasman team, advanced today to the semi-finals after a win, 3 and 2 over Jill Morgan (Cambridge).  The pair traded pars, halved holes, see-sawing back and forth till the 13th, when all square.

The ‘light went on’, Syer triggered 3 wins in a row and suddenly, Morgan was out of holes to chase.   Syer playing in her first Senior Women’s Championships, will need her local knowledge and form to win against the very experienced Boniface.

For Kiwis one thing is sure, whatever the outcome, at least one New Zealand will advance to the final.  The question is, will they face off against Australia’s Jacqui Morgan, or Auckland’s Brigit Holford in tomorrow’s finals,  due to commence from 2.00pm.

Divisional Results

Championship NZ Veterans Challenge Cup
Jacqui Morgan bt H Pascoe 4 and 3; B Holford bt R Pullar  3 and 2; R Boniface bt S Dawson 2 and 1; D Syer bt Jill Morgan 3 and 2

Waipukurau Jubilee Salver
E Newton bt J Wilton-Eadie 1up;  J Kent bt H Green 4 and 3; R Priest bt S Eastmond 3 and 1; J McCauley bt P Jeffrey 3 and 2

Hawkes Bay Salver
T Sasaki bt J Hall 2up; G Muir bt L Campbell 3 and 2; L Bartlett bt H Gifkins 2 and 1; J Lloyd bt J Moyle 1up

Manawatu Wanganui Salver
C Hyndman bt J Gibson 21st; L Mortleman bt C Fouhy 2 and 1; D Cleland bt B Bridge 3 and 2; A Mark bt C Mackenzie 2 and 1

Canterbury Rosebowl
A Newman bt S Speden 2 and 1; T Woolcott bt J Clifton 2 and 1; S Connell bt G Bunn 3 and 2; S Pearson bt J Fullerton 5 and 4

Maunu Trophy
C Chambers bt R Taylor 2 and 1; F Currie bt P Johnston 2 and 1; V Philp bt T Yoshifuku 5 and 4; B Duncan bt N Simmons 2up

Wanaka Trophy
C Alley bt P Dawson 3 and 2; P Purdie bt J Davey 7 and 5; N Bertinshaw bt L Chambers 5 and 4; M Symons bt C Williams 3 and 2

Waihi Trophy
R Aitken bt K Bazeos 5 and 3; M Cleaver bt E Leary 2 and 1; R Kennard bt S Allioux 20th; M Hardy bt T Vanengelen 3 and 2


Thursday Semi-Final Start sheet