A Special Irish Dream


Ireland's Old Head – a golfers dream course

Set on the cliffs of a stunning rugged headland reaching out over two miles into the Atlantic Ocean, the Old Head of Kinsale is home to one of the world’s most spectacular and most photographed championship golf courses.

Located in County Cork on the South West Coast of Ireland, the course and surrounding sanctuary was the incredible brainchild of the late John O'Connor together with his brother Patrick, who developed the area into one of the most recognised and sought after golf experiences anywhere on earth, a truly memorable golfing dream.

With a history that dates back 6000 years, the area has been a defence stronghold for many cultures including Celtic tribes and a landmark in Greek cartography.  Even today it is an important navigational headland that still features working lighthouses and was home to ruling Kingdoms with castles built in the 17th and 18th centuries.  The remains of which can still be seen on the links.

Old Head Golf Links is built on a 220-acre diamond of land jutting out into the ocean, almost an island, with numerous caves running beneath your feet as you play the course.  The links and practice area occupy 180 acres and the remaining 40 acres of unspoilt cliff frame the course.  It is a piece of golf real estate like no other, that causes many a golfer or visitor to pinch themselves as they drive through the ancient gateway with the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean some 300 feet below.

The course was designed and constructed by a fascinating consortium of talent; Ron Kirby, who learned his trade at Jack Nicklaus Design Services, the late Eddie Hackett, a former Irish golf designer and professional, the late Dr Joe Carr – one of Irelands most successful amateur golfers, Paddy Merrigan, a golf designer who hails from Australia, Liam Higgins another prominent Irish professional and Haulie O’Shea a building contractor.  Collectively they have created a masterpiece.  See for yourself, click here.

Enjoy sitting back and dreaming of Old Head – it is worth a moment or two of your time.  Think also of the Lusitania, having sunk off the headland in 1915.  Its wreck has been donated to the Museum of Kinsale, the nearby township, this is the headland you now play over. This dramatic piece of WWI history gave rise to the Americans entering the war when the Cunard liner fell victim to a submarine torpedo attack, just 11 miles out from the headland, with a loss of 1,198 lives. 

Its history is dramatic, its scenery wild and spectacular and its golf some of the best you will play!  Old Head Golf Links – todays Dare to Dream Selection.