Tai Tapu pairing win 2020 NZ Autumn Foursomes @ Gleniti GC

2020 New Zealand Women’s Autumn Foursomes

New Winners, New Tournament Name

Thursday 3 December 

The 2020 NZ Women’s Autumn Foursomes has announced new winners, Carol Bates and Jenny Stephens, who both hail from Tai Tapu Golf Club.   

And in a strange course of events the very popular annual womens foursomes, was been dubbed the ‘Golf New Zealand Women’s Summer Foursomes’ due to a Covid scheduling delay and a name change by the games governing body. 

Bates, a former Canterbury representative and Stephens were the only pair after six matches of foursomes play to remain undefeated out of the 64 pair, 128 competitors from around the country.  Their final was won 2 and 1 over Paddy Craig and Shona MacGregor (Dipton).  

The tournament recognises the first round losers with the NZLGU Salver, this year won by Lesley Clague and Heather Hurst from Alexandra.  Clague and Hurst won their final against Faye Dufield and Susan Racz (Drummond). 

Gleniti, Timaru was the host club whose members won five out of the long list of prizes.  Jenny Austin and Sue Esler, Yvonne Cook and Patricia Knight, Shirley Behrnes and Raylene Cowles, Patsy Milne (Gleniti) and Jodi Welsh (Mt Nessing) won the 1st, 3rd 4th and 5th flights in the Autumn Foursomes Cup.  

NZLGU Salver semi-finalists were Debbie Austin and Debbie Lovett, also from Gleniti with the 1st flight in the same section won by Raewyn Cormick and Kate Elliott. 

The tournaments original schedule for late March was rescheduled to the first week in December when New Zealand entered into lock down forced by Covid.  This rescheduling coincided with New Zealand Golf rebranding to Golf New Zealand, on the 2nd December, a move that has been promoted as reflecting the organisations primary focus being on the game of golf.

The previous organisation name and logo was established in 2005 when the mens and womens entities merged.   To complement the new approach and strong focus on the role golf plays in enriching the lives of New Zealanders, the organisation believes now is the right time to present a refreshed brand. A new brand to reflect the golf’s future is about new growth, being welcoming, inclusive, supportive, encouraging, and always moving forward. 

Other prize holders announced at last nights final prize ceremony included Autumn Foursomes Cup semi finalists Catherine Preen (Timaru) & Sue Murray (Awatere), and Dianne Cleland (Waikaka) & Sandra Speden (Gore) with flights won by Pam Robbie (Hastings) & Frances Bell (Invercargill), Patsy Milne (Gleniti) & Jodi Welsh (Mt Nessing), Jan Stringer & Kathryn Clark (North Otago) and Peg Purdie & Wendy Thompson (Waitomo) 

The NZLGU Salver Semi Finalists were Norma Mitchell & Sandra Young (Wyndham) and Debbie Austin & Debbie Lovett (Gleniti).  

NZLGU Salver flights were won by Donna Edmonds & Sue Hart (Tai Tapu), Tish Amon  & Debbie Taylor  (Wairakei), Helen Chegwin (Gulf Harbour) & Morna Hogan (Timaru), Joneen Studholme & Rhonda Thomson (Ardleigh), Sandra Gibson & Diane McKenzie (Tokarahi) along with Lynne Watson (Weedons) & Judith Yates (North Otago). 

PaR nz Golfing Holidays who manage the tournament on behalf of Golf New Zealand announced that the 2021 Foursomes will revert to its traditional timing in Autumn.  Sadly this means that Bates and Stephens will be title holders for only 4 months. 

None the less the week belonged to this dogged Tai Tapu pair.  It is hoped that they will return and defend their title at Walton Golf Club in the Waikato.  Dates set for 23 – 25 March, which will be the tournaments 85th challenge.    Entries are open now www.parnz.co.nz or www.golf.co.nz 

For more information contact

Denise Langdon

Golf NZ Tournament Director

Phone 0275 662 385


2020 New Zealand Women’s Autumn Foursomes

Thursday 3 December 2020


Carol Bates & Jenny Stephens (Tai Tapu) bt Paddy Craig & Shona MacGregor  (Dipton) 2 and 1


2020 New Zealand Women’s Autumn Foursomes

Thursday 3 December 2020

Semi Final Results

Paddy Craig & Shona Macgregor  (Dipton) bt Dianne Cleland (Waikaka) & Sandra Speden (Gore) 1up; Carol Bates & Jenny Stephens (Tai Tapu) bt Catherine Preen  (Timaru) & Sue Murray (Awatere) 2 and 1


1.55pm Finals

Paddy Craig & Shona Macgregor  (Dipton) vs Carol Bates & Jenny Stephens (Tai Tapu)

2020 New Zealand Women’s Autumn Foursomes

Wednesday 2 December @ Gleniti Golf Club


Paddy Craig & Shona Macgregor  (Dipton) bt Shirley Behrnes & Raylene Cowles (Gleniti) 3 and 1; Dianne Cleland (Waikaka) & Sandra Speden (Gore) bt  Sue Brandreth & Shirley McKenzie (Waimate); Carol Bates & Jenny Stephens (Tai Tapu) bt Anne Siave & Janette Sprott (Tai Tapu) 2up; Catherine Preen  (Timaru) & Sue Murray (Awatere) bt  Tania Appelman (Motueka) & Jo Rainbird (Rarangi) 4 and 3 

Semi Finals Thursday 3 December

  • 9.31am C Bates & J Stephens vs C Preen & S Murray
  • 9.37am P Craig & S MacGregor vs D Cleland & S Speden 


Shirley Behrnes & Raylene Cowles (Gleniti) bt Melanie Borthwick & Nicki Clark (Mataura) 4 and 2; Paddy Craig & Shona Macgregor  (Dipton) bt Avrill Burrows & Linda Pearsall (Geraldine Denfield) 3 and 2; Dianne Cleland (Waikaka) & Sandra Speden (Gore) bt Marie Roy & Pam Snell (Riversdale) 5 and 3; Sue Brandreth & Shirley McKenzie (Waimate) bt Wendy Parr & Hilary Ward (Ashburton) 1up; Carol Bates & Jenny Stephens (Tai Tapu) bt Kathy Forrest & Dot Watt (Alexandra ) 6 and 5; Anne Siave & Janette Sprott (Tai Tapu)  bt Pam Robbie (Hastings) & Frances Bell (Invercargill) 6 and 5; Tania Appelman (Motueka) & Jo Rainbird (Rarangi) bt Jan Clucas (Mayfield) & Dawn Scott (Gleniti) 6 and 4; Catherine Preen  (Timaru) & Sue Murray (Awatere) bt Jan Stringer & Kathryn Clark (North Otago) 4 and 3